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This class is taught by:

Jamie Soule

Chief Operations Operator: 
Calling: All people experience tail wagging joy.
After seven years teaching elementary school, and completing my life coaching certification, it was time for a change of pace, and time to pursue other passions. I was more interested in true health, learning about essential oils and to live a healthier, more conscious life- Enter Be Yoga Burien.  Serendipity is one of my favorite words, I think it's rather fun to say and it reminds me of how things can really fall into place. Much like my experience here at BYB... If you remember I started out doing 2 days a week at the front desk, which grew to 3 which grew to filling in for Lyndsie while on maternity leave, and then grew to 4 days a week at the front desk and now I've been graced with the privilege of managing the studio. What I love most about my experience here at BYB is our inclusive yogi community, sweating and shaking with you all and the opportunity to continue to grow both personally, and professionally.
Inside all of us are seeds of greatness, you just need the right environment to flourish.
Jamie teaches Bikram, Vinyasa, Barre and Yoga Plus.  



Brittney Mark

Brittney Mark grew up an athlete and has always had a passion for working out. Upon graduating from Washington State University (GO COUGS), she began her professional career in broadcast radio, a career that spanned nearly 10 years. After becoming a first time mom to her son Griffin (2), she traded in a microphone and headphones for diapers and playdates. It was during this time that she made exercising a full time priority to set a good example for him.

Barre is a great full body workout that’s the perfect fusion of all things she loves, music, strength, yoga, and pilates. She’s been empowered by many fitness instructors as a client, and hopes as an instructor she can inspire others in the community. Brittney completed her instructor certification through Barre Bohemian Studios in West Seattle.

Her goal each class is to bring a rockin’ playlist and fresh barre sequences that challenge clients to feel the burn, embrace the shake, and keep coming back for more.

Lyndsie C

Lyndsie, Teacher,
Calling: All people are thriving, loved and full of joy.
Lyndsie's goals as a teacher are to impart joy and passion for yoga to others, for students to see yoga not just as a way to fitness, but as a way to relax the mind, de-stress, slow down and achieve greater focus. Her goal is to help others listen to their bodies and gain self-awareness, while encouraging a positive self-image, feelings of empowerment and self-care. To do this, she focuses the class on proper form and technique, prioritizing alignment and safety, and strings it all together with her unique delivery of enthusiasm, fun, and words of encouragement.

Lyndsie's goals for her students are to enjoy practicing yoga, get in and out of postures safely, feel awesome, become healthier and happier in their lives on and off the mat, and ultimately spread kindness to others.

Ashley Wainscott

Ashley, yoga and barre teacher. 
Calling: all people living lives of love and authenticity.
Ashley started her regular yoga practice after having her 3rd baby. Growing up as a dancer it was a chance to lean in to some balance and flexibility that may have still been lingering around. She stumbled upon BYB and immediately fell in love with the Bikram yoga practice for it’s challenge physically and mentally. Sooner than later she found herself coming back for more as often as she could. After working in the corporate world for 20 years, she started to find her balance and her need for self care through yoga. Ashley continued to notice that there was something special at BYB, something different, a loving, caring community, not just yoga. Once those worlds started to collide more and more, she started to question her priorities, and signed up for the Classic 26 YTT at BYB in Fall of 2017. Come to find out it was the best decision she ever made. The training transformed her, by defining her true calling in life, and eventually gave her the courage to put herself, and her family first. She left her job in the fashion industry of 20 years in February 2018, while in BYB’s Vinyasa YTT. In May Ashley added Barre training to the mix. A total of 400+ hours of teacher trainings in about 9 months. Ashley still continues to work in the fashion industry, but has been dedicated to continue to be a student and a teacher of yoga. Ashley loves and is invested in this community. She raises 3 children, a dog, and a lizard with her husband Josh in Des Moines.
Our Barre class is a 60 minute full body workout that combines pilates, yoga, strength conditioning and ballet-inspired moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles. A truly unique yet challenging workout, Barre utilizes the ballet barre to perform low impact isometric movements that lifts your glutes, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat in a short amount of time. This regimented routine will evenly sculpt and quickly transform the entire body, resulting in a long and lean muscle physique. Room is heated to about 90 degrees. This one-hour class is designed to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, center your mind and produce visible results. Each class is designed to build impressive total-body toning and flexibility while maintaining the utmost safety and accessibility for all students.
The room is slightly heated (around 90 degrees) and beginner friendly.  No dance background required.  Bring what you would for a yoga class, your mat/towel, water, and your light heart :) 
*Please note space is limited for this class and you must reserve your spot.  No shows will be charged $18 or the equivalent of a class for class card holders.  

Upcoming classes:

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