This class is taught by:

Hilary White

Hi! I’m Hilary! I was born and raised in the Seattle area and I’ve been practicing various types of heated yoga for over 6 years throughout the Seattle area and Portland, OR. I earned my yoga 200HR RYT 2015, and completed my barre training in June 2016.  
One might say I have a passion for learning, moving, and for pushing myself to continue to grow. I fell in LOVE with power vinyasa yoga through the mixture of the heat & the challenging poses. Overtime, I saw visible growth in both my practice and in my life perspective. Yoga is my way of bringing balance to my mind & body. My yoga practice is a moving meditation. I thrive to inspire students to find comfort in discomfort and to continue working towards finding their best selves. I find yoga is how I can slow down & find myself and my intention is to bring this to my students.

Kati Skeltis

Hi! My name is Kati, and I am so excited to be teaching and practicing with you. At Be Yoga Burien I fell in love with yoga during my first class. In my second class I knew one day I would become a yoga teacher. Over the years yoga has transformed my life. I love the combined physical and mental challenge of yoga and the serenity, relaxation, and healthy perspectives which come from a regular yoga practice. I completed the Breathe Hot Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training in the spring of 2015. Through teaching yoga I hope to encourage students to challenge themselves with compassion, safely practice yoga in a sustainable, life-long manner, and reach their maximum potential on and off the mat.

Lyndsie Couet

Studio Manager, and Yoga Advisor:
Lyndsie Couet is a yoga teacher, RYT 200 and excited to be at Be Yoga Burien. After first trying yoga in 2002, she practiced inconsistently and tried several types of yoga, but it was after several years in a stressful, sedentary job that she came back to her practice for physical health and fitness as well as stress relief. It became apparent that yoga would remain a necessary part in her life. Yoga has made such a difference in her health, happiness and overall satisfaction with life that she decided to share her passion for yoga with others by teaching.

Lyndsie's goals as a teacher are to impart joy and passion for yoga to others, for students to see yoga not just as a way to fitness, but as a way to relax the mind, de-stress, slow down and achieve greater focus. Her goal is to help others listen to their bodies and gain self-awareness, while encouraging a positive self-image, feelings of empowerment and self-care. To do this, she focuses the class on proper form and technique, prioritizing alignment and safety, and strings it all together with her unique delivery of enthusiasm, fun, and words of encouragement.

Lyndsie considers herself forever a student, attends training and workshops whenever able, and reads books and articles on yoga, anatomy, meditation, health and nutrition. Her goals for her students are to love practicing yoga as much as she does, get in and out of postures safely, feel awesome, become healthier and happier in their lives on and off the mat, and ultimately spread kindness to others.

Mara Solar

I never dreamed I'd find my true love teaching yoga and barre. In fact, I hated my first yoga class; it was too hot, was an extremely competitive environment, and I actually thought I might die at one point. ( I was in rag doll..) It might have just been the cool air, but I'll never forget the wash of peace in that first savasana.
At this time, I was finishing my degree in Musical Theater and was convinced that I was destined for movie stardom, Academy Awards (yes, plural) and a glamorous lifestyle. The problem was, I was miserable. I was constantly competing, and battling depression, anxiety and eating disorders, convinced that if only I were skinnier, or could kick higher, I'd be good enough.
After years of a love/hate relationship with yoga, I immediately enrolled in teacher training.  I had just paid my final deposit when I tore my hamstring so badly, my physical therapist told me I should never do yoga again. Instead of listening to a medical professional, I listened to my heart and found ways to modify that not only helped heal my body, but allowed my practice to grow in unexpected ways. I don't use the term "modify" in my own teaching; I prefer the term "options" as we all have different bodies, experiences, and strengths. That is what I believe a true warrior is; owning our abilities, and celebrating all we are capable of, rather than focus on things we may decide and label as "limitations."
My mom reminded me recently that she was told she could never have children, and yet I showed up anyway. She decided on the name Mara just days before I was born, and if you are not familiar, Mara was the one who tempted Buddha during his path to enlightenment. The story says his armies showered Buddha with arrows and swords, but that those weapons turned into flowers. Our challenges and struggles, though painful, provide beauty through clarity. I have since shifted my sights from a "glamorous" life in the spotlight, to helping others turn arrows into flowers and I couldn't be happier about that. 
Our Barre class is a 60 minute full body workout that combines pilates, yoga, strength conditioning and ballet-inspired moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles. A truly unique yet challenging workout, Barre utilizes the ballet barre to perform low impact isometric movements that lifts your glutes, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat in a short amount of time. This regimented routine will evenly sculpt and quickly transform the entire body, resulting in a long and lean muscle physique. Room is heated to about 90 degrees. This one-hour class is designed to strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, center your mind and produce visible results. Each class is designed to build impressive total-body toning and flexibility while maintaining the utmost safety and accessibility for all students.
The room is slightly heated (around 90 degrees) and beginner friendly.  No dance background required.  Bring what you would for a yoga class, your mat/towel, water, and your light heart :) 
*Please note space is limited for this class and you must reserve your spot.  No shows will be charged $18 or the equivalent of a class for class card holders.  

Upcoming classes:

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  • Tue Feb 21 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Hilary White
  • Wed Feb 22 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm with Kati Skeltis
  • Thu Feb 23 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Hilary White
  • Thu Feb 23 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm with Lyndsie Couet
  • Sat Feb 25 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm with Mara Solar
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  • Tue Feb 28 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Hilary White
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  • Thu Mar 09 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Hilary White
  • Thu Mar 09 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm with Lyndsie Couet