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Chakra Workshop

This class is taught by:

Debbie Dixon

Debbie, Teacher:

Debbie stumbled into her first yoga class in 1997 and the spark was almost instantaneous--love at first sight. Having studied yogic philosophy for many years before being formally introduced to the asana, she needed to experience with her own body, mind and spirit, the miracles this practice is capable of creating in ones life. And from the moment she stepped onto a yoga mat she hasnt turned back.

Shortly after finding yoga, over twenty years ago many of her health struggles healed, pains went away, she started to eat healthier and was able to quit smoking after fourteen years as well as letting go of other unhealthy habits. Yoga has truly changed her life for the better in every way. Her yogic studies began with Ashtanga Yoga (raja, power or vinyasa are other names for this practice) and eventually she expanded into Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga. She began teaching ten years ago and began her own community (Seven Hot Yoga) a studio she owned and ran for close to four years. Now, she enjoys teaching all that she has learned along her journey in hopes of igniting the same spiritual health in others that she has come to know.

Come explore the subtle body referred to as chakras, or energy field of the body. We will explore the relationship between yoga asanas (or postures) and the chakras. When the asanas are combined with breath, visualization and mantra, they can have a direct effect on the energy flow within the chakras.3 0 min discussion on how to recognize imbalance and ways to realign with a 60 min vinyasa practice designed to clear blocked energy along the sushumna nadi and help to rebalance the subtle body systems. Ending with a 30 min savasana and guided meditation to help the body absorb the shifts and truly inspire a transformation from deep within.