Felicia, Teacher,
Felicia took her first yoga class at the local YMCA in her small hometown; her mom had to drop her off because she wasn’t old enough to drive yet. Over the years she has been a student many different types of yoga including Bikram, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Ashtanga. Felicia was drawn to yoga for the quiet, for that small period of time where you focus just on your breath and movement allowing everything else to fall away. Yoga has brought balance to her life and she is passionate about helping brings that balance to the lives of others and sharing her love of yoga. After much deliberation Felicia finally made the leap and completed her 200 hour teacher training at Spira Power Yoga in 2016. In her classes she strives to give her students space to enjoy a moment of quiet and connect with their breath while simultaneously increasing mobility and building strength both physically and mentally.

Felicia instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • What is Vinyasa Yoga?
    Invigorate your body with these amazing sequences designed specifically to allow breath and movement to come together as one, while aligning, detoxifying and strengthening your body. These intentional flows, combined with the heat, constitute one of the most powerful forms of physical and mental fitness.
    Vinyasa yoga is designed to promote lower and upper body strength, balance and flexibility all while coordinating the body, breath, movement, and spirit. It will strengthen your cardiovascular system, sculpt and tone every muscle in your body, and build your endurance Come prepared to work at your level that day, but know you will get a strong practice. Room Heated 95-100 degrees.

  • Intro to Viniyoga
  • Viniyoga is highly adaptable, meditative, coordinates movement with breath and is uniquely healing. Take part in a special series taught by Felicia. You will learn about Viniyoga, practice breath awareness and asana; leaving with increased body awareness and connection. Appropriate for all levels, designed as a series but classes are also appropriate to be taken individually.
    June 17th: Basics and Breath
    *Learn the basics of Viniyoga, focus on breath and mindful movement.
    June 24th: Energizing Flow
    *Flow movement with breath, open the heart, focus the mind.
    July 1: Strengthen
    *Incorporates stronger postures with flowing sequences.
    July 8: Balance
    *Flow, awaken, breathe and find ease.
    All classes meet from 2-3:15

    Price: $80 for all 4 classes or
    $25 per individual class

    About Felicia:

    Felicia Ackerman, MSW is a 200 hour trained Yoga Teacher who has focused her studies in Power Vinyasa and Viniyoga and joined BYB's teaching staff in April of 2016. She is also a Clinical Social Worker and Substance Use Disorder Professional. Felicia has spent most of her Social Work career engaging with individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness , some of whom are experiencing homelessness and healing from trauma. Felicia believes in the power of yoga to heal both our minds and bodies. Through mindful movement and breath we can connect with our bodies, clear our minds and connect with one another.