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Chair Yoga Teacher:
I took my first yoga class about 16 years ago at a gym in San Francisco and it quickly became part of my weekly routine as it helped me deal with the stress of being a middle school special education teacher. After being home with my children for six years, I realized that I missed teaching and still loved yoga. It seemed obvious to combine the two and become a yoga instructor! However, I did not picture myself teaching traditional classes. Lots of ideas came and went, but ultimately, I decided I wanted to teach yoga to individuals that did not see traditional yoga as accessible. This group includes senior citizens that are working with aging bodies, people with limited mobility due to injury or other physical limitations, or people who are just beginning to add increased physical activity to their lives. For all of these people, chair-based yoga can offer tremendous benefits. After completing a 200-hour teacher training in the spring of 2016, I took more courses in chair yoga instruction and began teaching in the fall of 2016. Sharing yoga with my students brings me great joy. Guiding my students on their journey to discover yoga and all of its benefits is such a privilege. By striving to keep the atmosphere warm, light, and fun, I hope to create a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to discover their personal yoga. Come join me!

Ashley is currently not instructing any classes.