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Studio Etiquette 


  • Sign in at the front desk before proceeding to changing rooms.
  • There are absolutely no cell phones or mobile devices permitted in the practice room.
  • Please remove your shoes and store them neatly outside the room as you enter.
  • Leave bags and personal belongings in changing area
  • For yoga classes, place your mat ⅔ over the yellow line toward the front mirror.  Be sure to stagger yourself so you’re not right in front of someone.
  • For barre set yourself up 3 people to a standing barre on the same side, edge of your mat under the barre.
  • Party before class, but once class starts silence. Please respect the silence in the room, especially during savasana. No talking, moaning or loud noises during the class. This is our chance to relax and take a break from our busy schedules.
  • Please be scent-free: no perfumes, colognes, or heavily-scented lotions.
  • Arrive early to class. Classes start and end on time. Please be on your mat with everything you need two minutes prior to the teacher enter the room.
  • Come to class hydrated. Drink sparingly as you need during class. Pouring water over your head might feel good at the time, but it won’t help you learn to keep your peace in the room. If you’re properly hydrated you won’t need much during class.
  • Stay until the end of class. It is important for you health and the energy of the group.
  • Be a good role model. Practice your stillness and discipline between the poses. Notice if you are in front of a beginner. They will follow you.
  • Leave no trace. Please deposit trash, recycling, mats and towels in their proper place. Bring home your clothes, water bottles and equipment.
  • Follow along with the teacher. Try your best in each posture, and listen to your body. If you think you can’t do a posture, set it up or sit it out (sitting in a kneeling position is best, but lay down. If you need to) Please reserve addition postures or posture from other disciplines until after final savasana.
  • Enjoy yourself! This is a life-changing practice. It is challenging, important and, for many sacred, but can also be a lot of fun.