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Teacher Training

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings:
Vinyasa January 4th - March 3rd 2019
Yin Yoga April 12th- May 12th 2019
Yoga Nidra Intensive Weekend  May 31st- June 2nd 2019

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A Letter to our Yoga Community,

We are proud to be a yoga studio that serves our community by delivering yoga to it. We are also a yoga teacher training studio, which serves the yoga community in another very important way.

Our trainings are incredibly comprehensive. We support our trainees into having taught at least one full class during the course or the training, something missing from many trainings. Further, we teach you to teach a class; to see your students, to connect with them, and to literally teach them yoga.

We want to impart that each of the trainings is a stand alone module and that each also builds on the previous one(s) by design. Each training has its own special emphasis.


The 26 is otherwise known as “traditional,” “classic,” Bikram Method Hatha Yoga, is in the lineage of Ghosh Yoga. The 26 is a foundational, alignment based type of yoga, a deep yoga therapy, that is still practiced in doctors' offices in India. It's been passed to us steeped in dialog that helps us understand the postures and to deliver them. Much of the training is focused around really getting this dialog in our bodies, brains, and even in our dreams! The dialog is our mediation and our “mantra” in this style of yoga.


Vinyasa was developed differently, coming down from ashtanga, which began as a merging of yoga with gymnastics and wrestling. While there's necessarily focus on alignment, there's a big give and take with the flow of the practice. The movement is our meditation in this style of yoga. We'll provide a core sequence and many bonus postures that you can use to flesh it out the sequence and make it yours. The emphasis will be all about the many physical postures, their variations, and in the transitions that link them...


Seated postures were the original postures intended to prepare the body for meditation. The yin and yoga nidra training is a two-for-one involving both seated postures and meditation. In both yin and yoga nidra, the meditation is in the sensation.

With yin, we'll focus on the way that we do the postures. We'll approach them from an entirely new perspective and with a new attitude, targeting connective tissues. This will, in turn, shine further light on the yang way of both The 26 and vinyasa. Yin is often referred to as the other half of the practice. You will have come full circle.


We think of yoga nidra as the part of a lineage that remained in India when vipassana teachers moved to Burma during the British occupation of India. Yoga nidra developed in its own special way and is one of the most accessible forms of meditation ever. It's an ordered sequence that profoundly affects both the student and delivering teacher, incremently teaching each their true identity.

We know that some of you will train in one of the styles and some will train in two of them. Still others will do all of the modules for an incredible year (fall to spring with breaks) of yoga. For those of you who do one, you'll have an amazing foundation in that one. For those of you who do all, it will give you an amazing foundation from which to move forward in a variety of styles.


Once you are accepted to one of our trainings, you are most likely already accepted to all! You will not have to fill out a second application.


See the below for one possible path from yoga student to yoga teacher:


(Completing trainings does not guarantee of a position at BYB. All of the above are subject to assessment and availability.)   

BYB offers a mentorship program directly after each of our trainings. It’s optional and we suggest it. It bridges the gap between graduate and yoga teacher. Whereas, you will have the foundation you need having completed the training, The Bridge Mentorship Program is where you refine your skills. It has the potential to turn you into a confident yoga teacher. We expertly facilitate the process and you do the work that makes it all happen.

We are honored to be in the position to teach yoga students how to become yoga teachers. We sincerely hope to take this journey with you.


Nina Granatir

Studio Owner & Co-Director of Yoga Teacher Training

Audrey Benton

Co-Director of Yoga Teacher Training

Please email nina@beyogaburien.com and/or audrey@beyogaburien.com for more information.


Note 1: Our trainings are usually done in a series of consecutive intensive weekends. Expect homework during the week. The schedule is Friday evenings from approximately 5-9pm, Saturdays 9:30am 6:30pm, and Sundays 9:30am to 6:30pm

Note 2: We accept a maximum of 15 trainees and we expect our program to fill to capacity.


Here's what some of our past trainees have to say about their participation:

  • "Yes, definitely, to everyone, even if they never intend on teaching and just want to deepen their practice." - Trainee, Fall 2017
  • "I feel so blessed to be a part of the first of many Classic 26 [Yoga Teacher Trainings]. My heart is beyond full. I've never been through something so life changing, well child birth, but this is a close second. I do feel like I've been re-born. I'm a new me and I have TT to thank for it." - Trainee, Fall 2017
  • "I've never felt so included and part of a welcoming family ever! You've taught me to trust the process, trust my peers, and trust myself. I love the deep connection I feel within when practicing and that's something that only became stronger over the last nine weeks." - Trainee, Fall 2017
  • "I would encourage anyone who wants to teach to invest in this this training. More importantly, this training has deepened my connection to yoga, myself, my friends/family, and my community. LIFE CHANGING!" - Trainee, Fall 2017




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